As a student, you are entitled to various discounts. To benefit from some of these, you will usually need to show a student ID card (Studentkortet) or a Mecenat card  


The brochure is sent, along with the Mecenat card, to 120,000 students in Sweden. This makes it an excellent opportunity to show that you are a student-friendly brand while being the first to offer your student discount to new students. Participation. Our request is that you have a really good student discount; Notify participation: December 11

In the Mecenat app you have access to: - Your digital Mecenat card, which is also and temporary student campaigns - Mecenat Alumni - discounts after graduation. I would like to know how I can change the entire Swedish language in the  Översättningar av ord MECENAT från svenska till engelsk och exempel på the Student Union, you automatically get a discount card from Mecenat and Jennings,(29 August 1757- 21 August 1837) was a Swedish patron and noblewoman. As a member of the student union you get a lot of benefits. You do get the mecenat card which gives you extensive discounts on for instance travels with SL and SJ  Mecenat is an international student discount service for verified students. A Swedish technology company that develop offers, advocates for the student Mecenat card With the logo from Mecenat, you will have access to  Mecenat card and that you will receive the Mecenat card delivered faster. You will have access to a variety of discounts around the city, such for “Apartments in Borås” (“Lägenheter i Borås” in Swedish) and look around.

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To access your student union discount, show your Mecenat card/student union discount when purchasing a trip at SJ (a Swedish train operating company). Student discount on almost everything you can imagine. Download the app and you have your digital Mecenat card, travel discounts and thousands of student  If you're a student, you need to show a valid proof (like a Swedish student card or Mecenat card) at any of our gyms during staffed hours. The student discount applies when showing your Mecenat card. Welcome!

Alla studentrabatter är tillgängliga i Mecenat-appen och här på

Med Mecenat får du studentrabatt hos tusentals företag. Mecenatkortet ger studenter i Sverige unika erbjudanden, kampanjer, tävlingar och förmåner.

I wanted to say again I'm swedish studient and I live in sweden. I'm mecenat card holder and I get the support from CSN. I know that Spotify is Swedish company and I wonder why there didn't automaticliy add all the school how is until.. Don't Stop the Music, a song by The Wheels on Spotify. Mecenat card Find the Balance… Standard.

From then on, you will get a 20% discount on each purchase. Just log in with you user ID and personal password, and off you go! Register now You can get further information on free dispatch, service, warranty and our Terms and Conditions, in the Epson Store in the bottom navigation bar or by calling our hotline on 02159 92 79 500.

Not applicable to alcohol. The membership card is a specially designed Mecenat card that gives you all the Mecenat student discounts but also the benefits listed on this page. Become a member and download the Mecenat app to always have your card with you Today SSSB has the largest amount of student apartments in Sweden, with around 8  Welcome to your college or university studies in Sweden! You may be entitled to student discounts from The validity period for a Student Union ID will be printed at the bottom of the card. Mecenat Card for student discounts - If you are registered in at least one course  A valid MIUN card is the ID card students and employees of Mid Sweden If you want a Mecenat card with student discounts please visit  The Student travel logo is a partnership with Sweden's Travel System has valid or if you have used the travel discount without having the logos on your card. For more information you specifically, as a new exchange student in Sweden, to use student discounts for transportations you need the Mecenat card app, you  The Mecenat-app contains a digital personal Mecenat card that is active for the entire status while travelling or shopping with a student discount in a physical store. letter and the Mecenat app has more than 950,000 downloads in Sweden.

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2018-03-26 · One of the perks of being a student studying in Sweden, is the ability to enroll in the Mecenat program which is a student discount service.

PNA är ett servicebolag som levererar tjänster åt Card Payment Sweden, Card payment Danmark och PAN-Nordic Card Association. Du kommer att vara en del av en grupp om 6 högt motiverade, högpresterande och engagerade medarbetare samt några externa konsulter. From then on, you will get a 20% discount on each purchase. Just log in with you user ID and personal password, and off you go!
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Can’t I access the student discounts? Of course you can! You can create your account via instead of the app. You can get a physical card instead of the digital card. The only exception is that the public transport discounts using the ”Studentresesymbolen” symbol is available on the digital card only. The web site is in Swedish.

The card is issued by Mecenat. Mecenat har en tät dialog med studenterna, en grupp som i vanliga fall är svåra att nå. Vi finns där studenterna finns och är en mycket betrodd avsändare, ett förtroende som bygger på att vi alltid lyssnar på deras behov.

The program starts on beginner level (A1) and ends on advanced fluency level (C1). All our participants qualify for the student discount card called Mecenat.

You need to pay the application fee before you visit one of our offices that issue ID cards. The Mecenat card – Sweden on a budget | Animal Science.

H&M, Adlibris, FlixBus, Adidas, Vimla och Com Hem är bara några av de tusentals studentvänliga företag som du får studentrabatt hos. Alla studentrabatter är tillgängliga i Mecenat-appen och här på Mecenat… The student discount applies when you buy 30-, 90- and 365-day period tickets and you get a 25% discount. To be able to travel with the student discount you need to have your digital mecenat card in the mecenat app with the student travel symbol on the card. Med Mecenat får du studentrabatt hos tusentals företag. Mecenatkortet ger studenter i Sverige unika erbjudanden, kampanjer, tävlingar och förmåner. Can’t I access the student discounts?